Vintage Watch Market Index

About The Index

What is the index?

The vintage watch market index is a way to track the performance of the vintage watch market as a whole. It will allow you to make informed buying/selling decisions when it comes to your own personal collection.

What's in the index?

25 of the most iconic vintage watches from the past 20+ years. Over 15 different brands are represented with values ranging from £100 to £100,000. The index will be reviewed every 6 months to make sure each watch is giving an accurate contribution to the index.

How is the index price calculated?

The calculation takes the last average market price for each of the 25 watches in the index. It then weights each one depending on its market value so that each watch has an equal effect on the index. All these weighted values are then added together to give the final index price.

How often is the index updated?

Our data goes back 5 years and will be updated every Monday going forward.

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